Leeds - Bradford International Airport


The ruling coalition of Lib Dems, Tories & Greens that control Leeds City Council resolved to sell Leeds Bradford International Airport to a private developer. This decision was taken by the Executive Board behind closed doors, so it has not been open to scrutiny by the other councillors. The deal was conducted under conditions of enormous secrecy, and even after the deal was signed the sale documents have not been released.

Main flight path for Leeds Bradford international airport shown in red

There are significant local implications, because the main flight path is directly over Kirkstall Ward, which would be badly affected by increased aircraft noise, and especially so at night. In addition, the expected increase in road traffic to and from the airport would mostly pass through Kirkstall Ward along the A65, which is already over capacity and unable to cope with the existing flows. The council even tried to keep this traffic information from the public, and Cllr Illingworth had to complain to the Information Commissioner before it was released.

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