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This page lists some contentious local planning applications were there is ongoing debate. To see full details of these applications, go to the Leeds City Council Public Access website, and type the application number into the search box. When the application is listed on screen, click the "Documents" tab to see individual drawings and documents, and download any that you require.

By default the Council's "simple search" screen only shows applications submitted in the last six months. This causes problems, because the very worst applications may take a long time to process and they can easily drop off the end of the list. To see ALL applications, switch to "Advanced Search". It is also possible to search on a map: click the map tab, then zoom in to your area of interest.

To comment on any planning application you must provide your full name and postal address. An email address is NOT sufficient. Planning comments are public documents, which are published on the Council website, so be careful what you say. Providing that you stick to the facts and give your honest appraisal of the application, there is nothing to be afraid of. Remember that you are commenting on the application, not the person making it!

If you comment frequently on planning applications, it may be worthwhile registering on the Public Access website and opening a personal account, with your own username and password. This can be a bit tedious, but avoids the need to enter your personal details every time. The Council will also accept ordinary email messages to planning@leeds.gov.uk, providing that you remember to include both the application number and your name and postal address.

Current applications

Application 14/04851/FU two new retail units at Savins Mill Way LS5 3RP. Use "advanced search" because it is over six months old. Morrison's application contradicts an undertaking given when planning consent was originally granted to Kirkstall Valley Properties twenty years ago. It closes down the option to make a new access from the gyratory, which would reduce queueing and minimise the existing conflicts between retail traffic and buses. It might be in Morrison's interest for the gyratory system to fail, because this would reduce the opportunities for lower-cost competitors to establish in this area.

Application 14/07087/FU for container storage at St Annís Mills. This is a retrospective application for a development that has already been constructed without first obtaining planning consent. Use "advanced search" because it is coming up to six months old. The plans originally submitted were inaccurate, and the development as built breaches local bye-laws about riverside developments. It also looks as ugly as sin, in what should be a pleasant riverside environment. Cheap, badly designed schemes have no place in Kirkstall ward.

Application 14/07450/FU at the former "Angel Halls of Residence" 101 Commercial Road. The original plans envisaged 58 studio apartments with sizes ranging from 20 to 29 square metres. This is about half the normal size for one bed accommodation. The developer is negotiating with the planners for fewer units of a larger size, but no agreement has yet been reached. The building has been badly vandalised and now looks a total mess.

Application 15/02290/LI Kirkstall Design Centre Bridge Road. This contains some very small, badly designed appartments, which are unlikely to get planning consent.

Approved applications (use advanced search)

Please use the "advanced search" tab on the Council's Public Access website because almost all these applications are over 6 months old. It is no longer possible to comment because these applications have already been determined. Full details remain on the website, so that anybody can check whether they have been built according to the approved plans and conditions. Tip: download the "Decision Notice" granting planning permission to find a list of the final drawing numbers - there often dozens of superseded ones!

Application 11/03274/FU for retail development at Bridge Road. This was the "Metric" application for the former BHS / Allders site at Bridge Road. It was based on a previous Appeal decision by a Planning Inspector. The application has subsequently been renewed and amended, but this is where the main drawings are stored. The big problems here are going to be the access and the egress onto Bridge Road.

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