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BMX cycling became an Olympic sport in 2008, but there is a lack of suitable facilities in Leeds. There is a severe shortage of BMX tracks in the inner city. Six possible sites have been identified in Inner North West Leeds, including one in Kirkstall on the A65 at Dobbie Row.

This site is a former municipal waste tip, which was closed before 1970 and has regenerated naturally over time. A weak Victorian brick sewer runs beneath this land, so part of the site was never tipped on, and this has left a hollow which is very suitable for BMX. If the scheme proceeds, the course would consist of a series of small clay hummocks, mostly constructed by the cyclists themselves.

We consulted local residents about this scheme. Click here to download the consultation letter.

The public reaction was generally positive, and subsequently a group of local residents formed a charitable company called 'dig2ride' in order to progress this scheme.

See also: Dobbie Row for a detailed history of the prefered site. Cllr Illingworth declares a personal interest because he serves as Secretary for dig2ride, and also works an allotment on the adjacent land at Burley Mills.

Download a detailed business plan (8MB) prepared by young people in Skegness for their local BMX facilities. This is a really impressive piece of work, and we hope to achieve something similar in Kirkstall.

Other BMX sites have been considered near Cragside Walk, Meanwood Park, Queenswood Drive, West Park Playing Fields and Woodhouse Ridge. All these sites are owned by Leeds City Council, but they are administered by different departments.

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