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On 12 September 2014 Morrisons submitted a new planning application 14/04851/FU for additional retail units near Savins Mill Way. One effect of this application is to permanently close off an alternative entrance to the Morrisons site that could avoid some of the current conflicts between cars and buses. Residents should be wary of this application, which could snooker attempts to improve public transport and make the Kirkstall gyratory perform better in the future.

At present there are no scheduled bus services into the Morrisons site. The bus stops are on Savins Mill Way, outside the curtilage of the development, ensuring that bus passengers must walk the maximum possible distance across the car park in order to use the store. This appears to represent Morrisons company policy at the time that the store was developed, because there seems to be no logical reason to exclude buses from this site.

At peak times there is conflict between buses on Savins Mill Way and queues of cars waiting to access the Morrisons car park and store. Such conflicts could be greatly reduced by opening a second access via the existing service road as shown on the plan above. Such access would make it much easier to get buses into and out of the car park area, and allow them to drive right up to the entrance of the store. This secondary route could also be used for cars, reducing the queues on Savins Mill Way and allowing the majority of customers to adopt a "left in - left out" manoeuvre when visting the store.

The gyratory system will be over-saturated when all the neighbouring sites are fully developed, and a secondary access to the Morrisons site could provide some valuable additional capacity at peak times. Unfortunately the proposed development would permanantly obstruct the secondary access road, so this potential resource will be lost for ever.

Comprehensive details of the current application are available from the Leeds City Council Public Access website. Remember the application number 14/04851/FU.

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