Church Lane Allotments Project


About 50 local residents have banded together to re-open the Church Lane Allotments site, off Queenswood Drive. In its heyday this was among the best-known allotment sites in Leeds, but lack of fencing, vandalism and Council neglect contributed to its closure around 2005. All the plots became completely overgrown, but underneath the land remained in good condition, having lain fallow for several years.

Aerial view in 2004, before the Church Lane site was closed

Demand for allotments is booming, and there are long waiting lists at many popular sites. The Council will help to repair the fence along two sides of the plots with a view to re-opening the entire site. Some former tenants have re-occupied their original plots, but with almost ninety plots in total there is still some land to go round. Some tenants are interested in modern "no dig" permaculture techniques, but others with a more traditional bent expect to put their backs into working the land to a fine traditional tilth. The group have already restored the water supply themselves.

The Church Lane group is now constituted as Leeds newest allotments association, and the Secretary is James Shaw 07880 980827 email: jamesshaw14@hotmail.com BTCV from Hollybush Farm have provided advice on growing techniques. Vacant plots are still being allocated: please get in touch if you want to join in. Click here to download a site plan with plot numbers.

The Kirkstall councillors have contributed 300 from their MICE money, and the association will also seek more substantial start up funds from the Inner North West Area Committee. The perimeter fence is the big issue, especially in a time of government cutbacks, but provision of allotments is a statutory Council duty, and the cost is tiny compared with many Council contracts which are still going ahead.

Allotment sites in the Kirkstall area

The Church Lane allotments site is near the middle of Queenswood Drive, between the 5M "Woodbridge" estate and the Leeds Harrogate railway line. There are two other allotment sites nearby: Headingley Station east and west, but both of these are practically full. If you fancy allotment growing please contact the Secretary, then come along and join in the fun.

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