Current Planning Applications


This page lists some contentious local planning applications were there is ongoing debate. It gets updated from time to time. To see full details of these applications, go to the Leeds City Council Public Access website, and type the application number into the search box. When the application is listed on screen, click the "Documents" tab to see individual drawings and documents, and download any that you require.

By default the Council's "simple search" screen only shows applications submitted in the last six months. This causes problems, because the very worst applications may take a long time to process and they can easily drop off the end of the list. To see ALL applications, switch to "Advanced Search". It is also possible to search on a map: click the map tab, then zoom in to your area of interest.

To comment on any planning application you must provide your full name and postal address. An email address is NOT sufficient. Planning comments are public documents, which are published on the Council website, so be careful what you say. Providing that you stick to the facts and give your honest appraisal of the application, there is nothing to be afraid of. Remember that you are commenting on the application, not the person making it!

If you comment frequently on planning applications, it may be worthwhile registering on the Public Access website and opening a personal account, with your own username and password. This can be a bit tedious, but avoids the need to enter your personal details every time. The Council will also accept ordinary email messages to planning@leeds.gov.uk, providing that you remember to include both the application number and your name and postal address.

Current applications

No current planning application is causing widespread concern. If you are aware of significant problems, please contact the Kirkstall councillors to enlist their support.

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