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Proposals for a new public park in the Kirkstall Valley date back to the 1960s when the old Leeds County Borough began to systematically acquire land for new public open space along the Kirkstall riverside. These acquisitions included Abbey Mills and St Ann's Mills, which are still in contention today. The plans were confirmed in the 1972 Leeds Development Plan Review, although at this stage much of the valley floor below Bridge Road was allocated for industrial uses such as the Kirkstall Power station, railway network and various textile mills.

Looking upsteam towards Burley Mill Weir

The project see-sawed between endorsement and rejection for the next thirty years, until in April 2004 a group of individuals and local organisations resolved to constitute themselves into a not-for-profit company to promote a new public park in the Kirkstall Valley. The new company was called "Kirkstall Valley Park". Charitable registration was achieved one year later, and the organisation is now a going concern.

In 2007 the School of Architecture, Landscape and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University was commissioned to prepare a Feasibility Study of the Park Proposals funded by grants from the National Lottery and Leeds City Council. Their initial report on "Movement and Circulation" was published in April 2008. More detailed design work continues on the "Riverside Way" through the centre of the valley, and a further draft report was issued in April 2009.

Download a medium resolution A4 version of the draft 2009 report (PDF file 7.3 MB).

Kirkstall Valley Park has a large website, with maps and pictures at http://kvp.org.uk and is anxious to hear from local residents who would like to be involved in this exciting project.

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